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Most adult children are willing to live near to their older parents

Research shows that  among all 50 to 59-year-old adults,  while 95% of the interviewees prefers to live in places near to their older parents or at the same residential building.

Based on government statistics, there are 150 thousands single living elderly and about 100 thousands older couples living together. 1/3 of elderly are living below poverty line, while for the rest, most of their children will hire domestic helpers or nurse to take care of their needs.

Safety issues of the elderly

Without children attending to their older parents, risk of home accidents is high. Fall is the most common type among older people, mainly due to climbing to reach for getting something at home.

Fall is critical to the long term quality of life for older people. Many lose their ability to live on their own, forcing them to be hospitalized and institutionalized. Home environment design is important to keep them living in their own familiar place as long as they wish.