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Step 1, Connecting Gateway to the Internet and Power supply

* Please make sure the router use DHCP for assigning IP if it is not a home use router

Step 2, Download Assurelink HOME Plus App

* Need a mobile number for user registration

Step 3, Scan QR Code at the bottom of the Gateway

* Only one registration for one gateway  
* Please make sure the Gateway connected to the Internet and Power supply

Step 4, Installation of Motion Sensor

* Can be mounted with Velcro, screws or simply put in place 
* Please clean the surface of the wall before using the Velcro, and press it firmly for 15 seconds  
* Do not install on the ceiling or glass windows to avoid accidents caused by the sensor falling. 
* Please try to target the range of designated activities, such as sofas and toilets, to avoid excessive coverage
* Please avoid shining on curtains or heaters, to avoid disturbing normal function of sensor

Step 5, Installation of Door Sensor

* distance between sensor should be less than 1cm
* Avoid obstruction of opening and close of the door
* Avoid high level or outside window installation 

Step 6, Installation of Temperature Sensor

* Avoid obstruction of the two side holes

Step 7, Installation of Bed Pad

* remember to switch on and connect the signal box
* Put immediately under the bed sheet. 
* Suggest horizontally or diagonally direct when place the sensor
* Position can be fixed by tape

Step 8, * Unusual Activities / Can be set against conditions

* Set up the elderly person's sleep time, inactivity, night-time outings, frequent bathroom visits, personal hygiene, kitchen access, door opening/closing, and more in the Assurelink HOME APP. This will help detect any abnormal behavior in real-time and provide timely alerts to you.

Download the user manual