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Understanding Your Older Parents’ Life at Home for Early Accident Prevention

Your loved ones deserve to stay at home as long as possible with care, communication and prevention. Detecting tiny change in daily habits could help lowering future health risks.


7 smart sensors in one set 

Motion Sensor (4 pcs)

Area: Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom

It detects motions at home and record living patterns such as cooking, using the bathroom, staying in living room and bedroom.

Door Sensor (1 pc)

Area: Main Entrance

It sends a signal to when someone opening and closing main door at home, as well as leaving the door open for a long period of time.

Temperature Sensor (1 pc)

Area: Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

Temperature may reflects daily activity such as cooking and bathing. 

Bed Pressure Sensor (1 pc)

Area: Single Bed

Sleeping is crucial for a healthy later life. Poor sleep conditions may create a vicious cycle worsening the long term quality of life. Bed pressure sensor is designed to spot bed occupancy and bed exit for your loved ones.   

Gateway (1 pc)

Area: Living Room

Gateway collects signals from all wireless sensor and sends to your mobile app through broadband internet connection. By simply scanning the QR code at the bottom, you can monitor the safety of your loved one in real time.