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Is Assurelink easy to install?
It really is! You can download our user guide here.

Do I need any special tools to install Assurelink?
No! Everything you need is in the box, including sticky pads to mount the sensors.

What do I get?
Each Assurelink Home Kit comes with:

4 motion sensors
1 door sensor, complete with magnets and wall mounts for easy application
1 bed pad and accompanying transmitter
1 temperature sensor
1 gateway with power cable and network cable
AAA batteries

Will it work straight away?
Once the app is installed you will be able to see when the sensors are being triggered straight away. You can turn on and adjust the notification settings in the application to customise it based on your loved one’s daily routine, and alert you if the system detects any activities that are out of the ordinary.

How do I power the motion sensors?
Each motion sensor takes 2x AAA batteries.

Can you connect the gateway to the system via WiFi?
To make sure that you get the best connection, we’ll supply you with a cable that will connect the gateway directly to your hub.

My gateway won't connect. What should I do?
Please check the following:

check the gateway is connected to mains.
make sure the cable between the router and gateway is firmly attached.
check your internet is working properly (check the internet connection with another device).
If all the above are fine, try to reset your gateway by:

unplugging the gateway
press and hold the reset button at the back
reconnect power supply
If it is successful, the red and green lights are ON and the blue light will flash regularly.

How do I install the Assurelink Home app?
The app can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. It can be set up in just a few steps.

My mobile app won't show any data after installation. What should I do?
Please make sure you that you press the triangle button on the gateway after scanning its QR code.

Why can’t the signal reach the gateway?
The sensor signal may be out of range. Try moving the sensor to see if this helps.

How long does the sensor battery last for?
Normally 4-6 months, depending on how often it is triggered.

Can I share my account with other family members?
Yes, you can get your account QR code in My Account. As the main user, you can give permission for other friends or family members to scan your QR code and gain access to the system. However, for security reasons we do not recommend sharing your password with others.

Is my parents’ privacy protected?
The sensors in our Assurelink Home Kit will only detect movement, doors opening and closing and temperature fluctuations. There is no sound or video used within the system.

How do I know if a sensor is disconnected?
Go to the Settings page and check the status of the device. If the sensor has been disconnected recently, the app will not show any change in its status.

Will the motion sensor be triggered by pets?
Yes, it can be. Please download our user guide here for advice on how to minimise triggering from pets.

What if I want to reinstall the Assurelink Home Kit in another place?
You can move the sensors and gateway to a new location. Be sure to test the internet connection and sensor signal range before you complete the installation.

Do I need to pay to subscribe to the mobile app?
No! You only need to pay a one-off cost. There’s no monthly or yearly subscription.